Let the Storify Begin

This is my first storify created specially for my blog and Multimedia Journalism Class. I have a settled opinion on the matter of art, but what do other people think? Continue reading
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Time to Say Goodbye or Nice to Meet You

My dear readers,

It will probably be the last blog post in this academic semester. I hope, I will still make use of the habitual weekly writing in the future, but the time to draw conclusions has come. Though reading a summary of my 4-month-long blogging experience might not be the best amusement, please, do read this post till the end, since today’s Quest will feature my own story. Continue reading

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If You Are Still Happy With Your Printer

Long time no see my dear fellows! I am awfully ashamed I had to abandon you for two weeks. Yes that’s what becomes of a person, whose heart pumps laziness and fatigue instead the blood. But I want to reimburse for my irresponsible behavior with a double post this Monday, so to say my farewell to class of MMJ of Fall 2013 semester. Continue reading

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Katia and the Sunday Trip

My dear readers,

It has been along long week! Throughout the week I was thinking hard about the topic of the future blog post. Of course, there are still a lot of people, whose artistic identity hasn’t been covered and even revealed to AUBG community yet. But simply because I taped on one topic in my last article, I had a desire to proceed with.

Continue reading

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Plein Air – AUBG Artists’ Outdoor Drawing Session

My dear readers,

I hope you had an easy week and enjoyed its end. Well, I can’t say I particularly loved mine. My great time-management skills and procrastination talent traditionally turned the weekend into the hell on earth. Continue reading

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A Fall Break Story

My dear reader,

I should apologize, first for the long absence, second – for keeping you without any updates on artistic cases of AUBG. You might wonder what happened, well, my answer will put the title (little dot) over “i”. What I am trying to say, everything will become crystal clear when I tell you that fall break “happened to me”. It was a miraculous week away from the university, our cozy town, Bulgaria in general. I forgot what the words stress and deadline stand for. I tried to escape everything that reminded me of classes and routine and fled to sunny Barcelona to visit my dear cousin. Continue reading

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A Midway Flashback

Dear reader,

Almost 8 weeks have passed since the beginning of the semester, 8 weeks which were short and long at the same time; some of them easy while others unbearably tough. For me these 8 weeks were marked with 10 posts in my new venture of mastering blog writing. Before we go on a much desired vacation I would like to give a short overview of the past articles and thank every reader and viewer who burdened him or herself with reading any of my posts and quest into the artistic life of AUBG students. Continue reading

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Updates on Art News: Banksy’s Adventures in NY

Good day dear readers,

I hope you will be pleased to know that this week I will supply you with more articles than usual. Nevertheless, the fact that you might find enjoyable is not so much for me. Well, I hate deadlines, and I hate them even more, when I just face the assignment without having a minute to prepare morally for such a venture. So let’s proceed with it – today I will share you one of the art-related world news, which I consider both worthy and funny. Continue reading

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Quest №3: Chill, It’s Just A Hobby

Dear reader,

Once again I am happy to meet you with a fresh weekly post. But before proceeding with a new quest I would like to share my experience. I literally feel how my daily blog posts ceases to be simply course assignments and transform into numerous excuses to get closer to interesting people. The interview I had this week will stay in my memory as one of most pleasant ones in many ways. Cozy atmosphere, arty talk and nice tea might have had their influence, but what made 3 hours of Saturday evening the top-notch of my weekend was my great interviewee. Aita Romanova made me feel comfortable and welcomed, so that I did not hesitate to ask questions and shoot some material for the short video of her in the artistic process! Continue reading

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